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My name is Sebastian and I'm a game designer living in Berlin. Get in touch with me:

Video and board games are a passion of mine - I love to play them with friends or enjoy them myself not only on cold winter nights.

When I started to design little board game prototypes myself and devoured the available literature on the topic, I realized that game development is in fact different from playing, but something just as fullfiling. And that I wanted to do it!

That was when I decided to delve deeper into game design and found advice and company in tutors and fellow students at my university in Berlin. In a small group of talented artists and programmers I came to develop a demo for our game "Spectaculum - A Traveling Adventure" and wrote my bachelor thesis on Dynamic Feedback Elements in modern Strategy Games. In the following two years I was working for the Ubisoft Studio in Mainz Related Designs as a Junior System Game Designer.

Currently, I'm back in Berlin starting work in my own start-up game studio I founded with my two friends Robb and Felix recently. The company is called trickyard and focuses on iOS mobile games. Get in contact with us whenever you plan to make a mobile app via

Nice of you dropping by.

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