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17. Nov 2011 in blog

I’ve been doing a lot of prototyping during my studies and I was glad that one day someone told me of this little website.

Assuming you do not fear marquee text or cliparts now and then you will find out that these guys sell a whole bunch of useful prototype and board game material.


I guess everybody has been using a salt shaker or Monopoly houses (or anything else standig around) to demonstrate a game idea, but in extended development sessions or brainstormings a nice set of rudimental game pieces can make things lot easier.

My absolute favorite one is the simple 8x8x8mm wooden cube. They sell this one in up to twelve different colors and that makes it the most uniform and universal game object for me. You can easily carve them or put stickers on if you want to customize them.

For me a good prototyping game piece is representative without being automatically associated with something else. A pawn piece will always represent a person. Whereas a cube stands for the most simple three dimensional object.

It turns out that dealing with more simple shapes is less distractive and feels more natural in different settings and therefore makes prototyping much more effective. And it simply makes more fun with nice materials.

The pieces have a good quality, are not very expensive and also ship outside of Germany which is great I think, because I havn’t found a similar shop on the internet yet.

Drop me a comment if you know other stores offering stuff like this. So if you need game boards, plain cards or new dice pay a visit to spielmaterial.de.