Anno 2070 Addon

role: intern system game design
responsibilities: character mission dialogues, character mission design, conquest mode maps
genre: real time strategy
platform: PC
realization: own engine
language: various
developer: related designs
publisher: ubisoft

Anno Artwork showing the game world

Anno 2070: Deep Ocean is the addon for the award winning strategy game Anno 2070 and is currently under development by Related Designs and will be published by Ubisoft in fall 2012. I’m glad I got the chance to join their design team as an intern in march this year, integrating new features and content into the game since then.

Anno Artwork

As the title suggests Anno 2070 is set in the near future and features the struggle between three globally acting factions fighting for their vision of human future. Players embark different kinds of ships and submarines to claim the remaining land, the rising ocean has not yet devoured. Speading on these islands, players build up gigantic and vital cities powered by complex ware chains and trading routes.

They discover old and new energy sources and possibilities to increase the eco balance of their settlements manually. And when it’s neccessary they fight with newly developed vehicles and use powerfull Items against the henchmen of other factions. Or they peacefully try to convince them by the use of diplomatic actions.

Deep Ocean pushes the underwater aspect of the game forward by providing underwater trading routes, new scenarios, powerfull vehicles and a new population level for the Tech faction.

Get an impression of the game watching the trailer and the gallery below. You can buy the game on amazon or purchase it via steam.