Cubes Logo Cubes is a tactical boardgame for up to 4 players. I came up with it as a result of a design challenge in which losing five game pieces was the target specification.

It is build around the mechanic of adjacent objects beeing in constant numerical dependency to each other. It is similar to the classic windows game Minesweeper with the additonal abilitiy to totally change the surrounding.


Placing cubes, picking them up again and drawing cards to change the face of the game board are the core operations in this game. The rules are quite simple but placing your cubes can be tricky since there are a lot of possible places.

If you want to try out the game, just download the rules (English ruleset coming soon) and the available printable game material. I’m planning to make a browser version for you to play here directly and you are welcome to write an e-mail to give me feedback and suggestions for improvement. Have fun!

What you’ll still need to play:

  • the printouts of the cards, the board and the rules
  • 30 game pieces of the same kind, no bigger than 1 square centimeter(you can make these of simple cardboard)
  • 5 blue, organge, black and red stones (painted cardboard?, same size as the other 30 pices, but must have at least two distinguishable sides)
  • 3 blue, orange, black and red markers each (can be everything)