Spectaculum is a cooperative action-adventure game for four players. Slip into the roles of four circus artists- each with their own unique abilities to fight different kinds of enemies while protecting a caravan and solving puzzles cooperatively.

Let destiny guide you through uncharted lands, as you’ll experience a world in which bureaucratic clerks want to take away the only thing that matters to you… your freedom.

Spectaculum is designed as a “couch game” for friends and families. Battle tactics, puzzle solutions and even the control over your caravan require you to communicate. So listen carefully and act thoughtfully as you’re heading down a giant canyon with 180 km/h!

Rendering by Hoa Olliges

The game is a student project currently developed by a ten-strong team of both Game Design and Media & Computer Science students at University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin.

Go visit homunculusgames.com for more information or take a look in the feature PDF of the game now.

Watch an older proof-of-concept prototype video or browse other pictures and artworks of the game: